In recent history there were significant discoveries of historic documents and artefacts in the region of Northern Spis. They document a significant time of life in the region from a historic and modern point of view. The scrutinised archive documents indicate that the oldest preserved distillery in Slovakia was situated in Stara Lubovna, built in the half of the 18th century. 

      Other references to the distillery are mentioned in the description of castle of Stara Lubovna in the Ugrian Geographic Dictionary from 1851. T he foundation of the distillery stands under the castle till this date. It is the oldest preserved object of its kind in Slovakia. Uniform documents preserved from the 18th century document the centuries-old tradition of distilling in the region.

  This was also one of the determining reasons for nestville distillery company, based directly

in a picturesque spis village called „Hniezdne“, to revive the history of quality spirits production in the region.

     Aforementioned stone distillery is thus, for example, more than 100 years older than the oldest registered distillery in the USA, where the world famous Jack Daniel’s whisky is being produced (since 1886).

     Valuable plan and other documents in detail describe not only the time sequences of the distillery origin but also where and what ingredients were used to distillate alcohol in Stara Lubovna 250 years ago.

      According to a record from 1747, part of rye grown under the castle was being given to local "gorzelniks" to distillate "gorzalka" (general term for alcohol from wheat and other grains which i sused to produce vodka for instance). This indicates that the real "gorzalka" was distilled in Stara Lubovna in the first half of the 18th century, which is earlier than previously thought. Alcohol was therefore produced here similarly to whisky – by grain mash fermentation. The following storage took place in barrels – although not yet oak barrels and not for at least three years which was determined in 1915.

Stara Lubovna´s family of Morgenbessers followed up on the old tradition of distilling. Nestville Distillery is also following up on three centuries old tradition of quality spirits production. Apart from the most modern distillery and a new liquor factory they created an exhibition of distilling and traditional folk crafts of Northern Spis. The visitors have an opportunity to see historical and contemporary distilling in an interesting and attractive way. The presentation is not only about whisky but also about the exhibition documenting the whole history of distilling in Northern Spis with modern contemporary Technologies. This is yet another way for Nestville Distillery to preserve these traditions for young generations. And what is important – the company builds on a real proven tradition.

      We kept the original idea and so we became fluent successors 360 years long tradition. It is not only the moral right to continue in this tradition, but also the obligation to initiate this production.