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What whisky is ?

     Whisky is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world. Whisky or whiskey is an alcoholic beverage made of grain distillate. A whisky of high quality is created by longterm maturating in oak barrels. The final taste and aroma of whisky is often influenced by quality and by use of barrels. A whisky taste is also influenced by a number of major factors such as the composition or amount of an added malt and grains ( grains as barley, rye, malt rye, wheat, corn are used) and the time of maturating (usually from 3 to 12 or 15 years).

        Since 1915 it has been stated that the true whisky has to maturate in barrels at least 3 years. As the age of whisky we consider the time between distillation and bottling. Whisky coming from distilling boilers is of concentration of 70% of alcohol so that´s why it is diluted with water to concentration of 63% of alcohol before bottling and during bottling to concentration of 40% of alcohol. 



Has 4 basic stages: malting, mash preparation, fermentation and distillation. Followed by even the most important stage of maturation.

Whisky and water

   For whisky production carefully chosen and prepared material is needed. The basic material is water without a proper water source it is impossible to create a whisky of a high quality. Water needs to be crystal clear, as well as of sufficient amount. Water plays three important roles. Water is needed no matter what kind of whisky is produced. It can be seen based on the location of old distilleries – they were always built close to the water source (a good examples is a distillery at Spey river in Scotland). Water is also needed to prepare a fermented pulp, it i sused to cool down condensators and also to dilute whisky, either at casking or bottling. Therefore nowadays, when new distilleries take buying the land around the water source to prevent from pollution. The course



     In recent history there were significant discoveries of historic documents and artefacts in the region of Northern Spis. They document a significant time of life in the region from a historic and modern point of view. The scrutinised archive documents indicate that the oldest preserved distillery in Slovakia was situated in Stara Lubovna, built in the half of the 18th century. 

      Other references to the distillery are mentioned in the description of castle of Stara Lubovna in the Ugrian Geographic Dictionary from 1851. T he foundation of the distillery stands under the castle till this date. It is the oldest preserved object of its kind in Slovakia. Uniform documents preserved from the 18th century document the centuries-old tradition of distilling in the region.

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